An Open Letter:

Why the Jefferson Salamander isn’t the end all to the issue of the proposed HCBP:

We recently found out that the city’s monitoring of the Jefferson did not find any confirmation that the Jefferson Salamander lives at the Hanlon Creek Wetland Complex. (Other than the hybrid found about a year ago). But we also know that, had the Jefferson been found, the City was attempting to apply for an exemption to the Endangered Species Act anyway, to be allowed to kill some in order to continue development. So it seems that we have come to the end of the road in terms of how the Jefferson Salamander can stop this development. But, there is one thing I want to make clear: This does not, in anyway, mean that this is a ‘green’ and ecologically sound development. All of the major environmental issues remain the same: causing destruction to the Paris-Galt Moraine, harming tributary A of the Hanlon Creek, (here-forth known as ‘Freedom Tributary’), killing thousands of animals, destroying their habitat, completely disregarding international treaties with Six Nations,  and causing great harm to this beautiful old diverse forest, one of the last of its kind in Southern Ontario.

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Editors Note: this protest has ended

Just minutes ago, A group of individuals set out to the head offices of Carson Reid’s to halt work. If you would like to support this action please come down to Carson Reid’s Office, located at 183 Dufferin St. in Guelph.

Click on the address for a google map of the location

Come support the resistance to sprawl in Guelph and Southern Ontario

Over the last decade a variety of organizations and individual citizens have clearly outlined why development of the Hanlon Creek Wetland Complex (HCWC) simply cannot be allowed. Environmental impacts of developing in an area as significant as this cannot be ignored or green washed. Indigenous treaty rights cannot be disregarded and public outcry must be heard and respected.

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At the April 29th speaking event in Guelph presenters announced plans for a May 7 day of action to protect the Hanlon Creek. Everyone is invited to the parking lot of the Guelph Youth Music Center at 9:30 AM on Friday May 7. Once everyone arrives we will distribute flyers about the role Carson Reid plays in the development of the business park, and then spread out to deliver those flyers to people’s door steps.

If you don’t like flyering, do something else. Anything else. Make a banner, or write a letter to the editor, or call the mayor and tell her what you think. Just do something!

The City  recently put up a tender for a new development contract. You can visit this tender at: http://www.guelph.ca/business.cfm and click on “bids and tendors”

This contract includes creating storm water management ponds, as well as creating roads and a culvert, on the land bordering Downey road, including where the occupation was last summer.

Bidding for the contact ended on April 30th, and we now have Unofficial Bid Results!

Capital Paving Inc.


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Free Public Event

Thursday April 29, 7 pm

Ed Video, 40 Baker St., downtown Guelph

Wheelchair Accessible

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Guelph, Ontario – Thursday April 22, Earth Day:

On Friday April 23 at 1pm, in front of Guelph’s City Hall, Hanlon Creek legal Defendants will be holding a press conference to speak out against the City of Guelph and Belmont Equity’s $5 million SLAPP suit.

Four of the five Defendants will be speaking about what SLAPP suits are and how we believe the City’s legal move comes from a systemic lack of accountability, is a waste of money, and an attempt to protect development interests.

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This event has been POSTPONED due to a family emergency of one of the speakers.  Please stay tuned for future info.

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